Past Exhibitions

With a 40 year history, the Southeast Museum of Photography has hosted and curated hundreds of exhibitions. The following list provides a brief overview of highlights from the exhibition history. 

Passing Time 2017.jpg

urban constructs

DSC and UCF alum Clarissa Bonet returned to the Southeast Museum of Photography for a solo exhibition of her work. SMP mounted selections from two of her current portfolios, City Space, and Stray Light, bringing Bonet’s perspective on Urban Environments back to the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies

On exhibit Fall 2019

Missile Fuel small.jpg

Abandoned in Place

Abandoned In Place is a photographic exploration of the American space-launch and research facilities that played a crucial role in the early period of space exploration. The project serves not only as a documentary body of work, but also as an artistic interpretation of these historic sites.

On exhibit Summer 2019



Contemporary Currents: The Warhol Effect is an exhibition of contemporary photographers selected from the museum’s permanent collection that seeks to provide a sense of how photography and image making continue to progress in the post- Warhol era.

On exhibit Summer 2019

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This exhibition approaches the art of photographic portraiture through a variety of creative techniques. The work includes formal portraiture, experimental portraiture, and unconventional techniques and settings for portrait work. Photographers include Lydia Panas, Martha Ketterer, and Jean Sousa.

On exhibit Spring 2019



Chuck Hemard’s images in The Pines explore remnants of old-growth longleaf pinelands across the southeast United States. Historically, this is one of America's most significant landscapes that, when maintained with frequent, non-fatal fire, is also an extraordinary bio diverse ecosystems rivaling that of the tropical rain forests.

On exhibit Spring 2019



Prison Nation is a traveling photographic exhibition coordinated by Aperture that brings together the work of photographers who focus on prisons and prisoner life. From the 1960’s through contemporary prison culture in the United States these photographs address the question, “how can images tell the story of mass incarceration when the imprisoned don’t have control over their own representation?”

On exhibit Spring 2019



The Shuttle is a photographic exhibition of NASA’s Space Shuttle program during the early to late 1980’s. Photographs of the shuttle, interior and exterior, accompanied by launch sites and the colorful remnants of burnt rocket fuel. Photographers include John Chakeres, Roland Miller, and Michael Soluri.

On exhibit Fall 2018



Nolan Preece brings his chemigraphs - or chemical paintings - to the Southeast Museum of Photography. Defined as an alternative process, Preece's chemical paintings use photo chemicals and materials and dark room processes to make images.

On exhibit Fall 2018



This international exhibition focuses on the contemporary works of photographers living and working in Thailand, with special consideration given to photographers in association with Chiang Mai University, home to Thailand's leading university photography department. The exhibition includes a diverse range of photographers who work in styles ranging from street photography, to commercial, to alternative processes. Curated and organized by Patricia Lois Nuss Bambace, photography instructor at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

On exhibit Fall 2018, Photo by Luke Duggleby

Untitled #7_SMALL.jpg


Linet Sanchez Gutierrez investigates memory through the construction and photography of models. These quaint, finely crafted architectural interiors are not renditions of specific places; they are structures built from sensory input, emotion residue, and personal experience. Much like memory itself, each maquette Gutierrez builds is a construct or amalgamation of her lived experience.

On exhibit Summer 2018, Photo by Linet Sanchez Gutierrez


Photographs: Gary Monroe

Photographs, provides a glimpse into a number of communities that add to the character of this place and this mentality that we call Florida. From the Old World Jews who populated South Beach Miami, to Haitian resettlement camps, to the tourist visiting Disney, and the very landscapes that these cities and communities are built upon. Monroe has spent his life capturing little moments that reflect bigger ideas. The locations and characters in these photographs vary widely, and are taken from over 30 years worth of Monroe's photographic pursuits. However, each image was composed, captured, and is imprinted with Monroe's signature style.

On exhibit Spring 2018, Photo by Gary Monroe



With the #metoo and #timesup movements sweeping through every industry in contemporary America, and conversations on sexual abuse and violence against women finally in the public eye, LaFontaine's Women in Shadow and Light provides a glimpse into the lives of women who have chosen to move beyond being sexual assault victims and place the focus on healing, for themselves and others.

On exhibit Spring 2018, Photo by Jan Goff LaFontaine

Ferguson III.jpg

#1960NOW: Sheila Pree Bright

#1960Now is Bright's journey documenting the responses to police shooting in Atlanta, Ferguson, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Baton Rouge. She observed young social activists taking a stand against the same struggles their parents and grandparents endured during the era of Jim Crow.

On exhibit Spring 2018, Photo by Sheila Pree Bright


ART IN ACTION: VETerans exploring the visual arts (2018)

The 2018 Art in Action: Veterans Exploring the Visual Arts exhibition is both a celebration of veterans and the arts. It is  representative of how the arts can creatively engage, help communicate emotion, invite healing and personal growth, and bring the community together. Artworks include traditional photography and alternative processes, painting and mixed media, woodworking, collage, ceramics and a collaborative video installation.

On exhibit Spring 2018, Photo of the handprints of the participants of the Art In Action program

En la Arena Sabrosa.CBETANCOURT.jpg


This exhibition features a range of printed media including traditional mediums as well as imagery printed on acrylic, vinyl, and wallpaper installed within the space. This diverse and experimental roster of medium illustrates how Betancourt’s image making need not be contained by traditional framing and installation techniques. Further, this technique reinforces the primacy of concept over technique. 

On exhibit Fall 2017, Photo by Carlos Betancourt



Minkkinen's images from the 1970's and 1980's, contemporary and recent work, image murals, and, in a rare move for Minkkinen, selections of his color photography

On exhibit Fall 2017, Photo by Arno Rafael Minkkinen


Dispatches From The Front

Eight Daytona State College photography alumni return to the Southeast Museum of Photography to exhibit recent work ranging from defending rhinoceroses from poachers, remembrances from the Orlando Pulse shooting, documenting life in D.C. as a White House photographer, and an exploration of how diversity shapes a metropolis.

On exhibit Summer and Fall 2017, Photo by Cassi Alexandra


A house is not a home: Brooke Didonato

“A House is Not a Home” is a series of self-portraits conveying feelings of isolation and discontent experienced when returning to my hometown in Ohio. The character in this series acts as a hyper-feminine version of myself, exploring an alternate reality where I coexist with a suburban backdrop, yet struggle to psychologically acclimate to gender roles often found in a nuclear family structure.

On exhibit Spring 2017, Photo by Brooke DiDonato


In Time we shall know ourselves

Raymond Smith's collection of photographs depicting his trip through the American South in 1974. Organized by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art.

On exhibit Spring 2017, photo by Wyatt Peck


The UCF Thesis Exhibition showcases portfolios by the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Photography program at the University of Central Florida – Daytona Beach. Through this unique partnership between Daytona State College and the University of Central Florida, students leave this program with strong technical, creative, and critical thinking skills – empowering graduates for lifelong success in a variety of professional photographic fields.


Photo by Tori Camera


Departures is a juried exhibition featuring portfolios of recent graduates from the Daytona State College A.S. Degree in Photographic Technology. 



Photography by Katie Charlesworth