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At the Edge of the World  © Robin Kovanda

At the Edge of the World © Robin Kovanda

about the artistic process

One of the great things about myths is that they illustrate how different cultures thought, lived, and expressed themselves. In these stories there are themes, emotions and motivations which we can understand today. This is probably why the stories get retold so many times, and in so many ways.

Reading these stories as a child, I found they left a fantasy shaped imprint on my heart. This opened up my mind to all sorts of magical stories full of monsters, gods, goddesses and heroes. I wasn't that interested in the heroes of the stories but I was in love with the magic and the mythology. These stories ignited a passion for reading and a creative imagination. Drawing was a talent that I did not possess, and it took many years to find an outlet for my creativity.

"Discovering Adobe Photoshop was amazing for me because it allowed me to take my ordinary images and make them into something extraordinary. For this series, I have chosen to design my own myths using photography and the magic of digital editing. I am not taking images but making them–crafting magical new scenes based on my own imagination and whims." –Robin Kovanda