This lecture series is designed to engage the community–especially young and emerging artists–by presenting a wide array of guest speakers and professional photographers to the public.

Through a blend of artist talks, demonstrations, slideshows and even workshops, this program offers audiences the opportunity to learn about–and discuss in detail–aspects of photography, image-making and potential career opportunities. Not only is this a supportive learning experience, but also a platform to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent in our local community.                                                                 







Tim Telkamp will provide an insightful lecture–and live demonstration–of some of the tools and techniques associated with the early Victorian wet plate (collodion) process.

Tim Telkamp is a photographer, alternate process artist, author and mentor currently living in Central Florida. Wherever life has taken him, from crossing the Arctic Circle to South America and Europe he has gone with camera in hand.  His photographs have been published in books, newspapers, and magazines, and he wrote and illustrated “The Place That’s Always with You,” a children’s story set in Central North Carolina that celebrates home and history. In contrast to his historical craftsmanship, he has also been involved in many high-tech designs and engineering projects.



Artist talk by SKIP WESTPHAL     

Skip Westphal, a retired digital imaging and photo technician, spent nearly 18 years working in the photo lab at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Along with the rest of the scientific staff, he helped process and produce imaging from the Hubble Space Telescope for the Space Telescope Science Institute and NASA.   

Skip will recount his experiences and share his knowledge about the early years of the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as his duties in preparing images for recording on 35mm and 4x5 inch films, or for large format printing for scientific conferences and public outreach initiatives.                                                       

Hubble Space Telescope  © NASA

Hubble Space Telescope © NASA

The Hubble Space Telescope, named after Edwin Hubble, was first launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and remains in operation today. With a 2.4-meter (7.9 ft.) mirror, Hubble's four main instruments observe in the near ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectra. Hubble's orbit outside the distortion of earth's atmosphere allows it to take extremely high-resolution images, with substantially lower background light than ground-based telescopes. Hubble has recorded some of the most detailed visible light images ever, allowing us a deep view into space and time.  



All images © Erika Masterson

"With my photographs, I hope to evoke an awareness of one’s own journey. And to unveil the ethereal beauty of our souls, at the deepest level. I hope to inspire the viewer to look deeper into ones-self and make that quiet connection."


about the photographer

Erika Masterson is an award-winning photographer who specializes in portraiture and fine art imagery.

After receiving her degree in photography from the Southeast Center for Photographic studies in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1990, she has been working as a commercial portrait photographer for the past 20 years in California and Florida. In recent years, Erika has ventured into the fine arts, participating in exhibits and winning multiple awards. Amongst her many accomplishments, her quiet and soulful images have been published in numerous magazines such as Black and White, 2014 & 2017, Silvershotz, Shots Magazine, 5×5 Magazine, Victoria Magazine 2000 & 2016, Bella Grace Magazine, Raine, Shadow & Light and In-Style Magazine. Erika recently has images being sold around the world on greeting cards with Palm Press.

Erika lives in Satellite Beach, Florida with her husband and their four children who are often seen in her creative work.


saving species on the brink of extinction


Storm and Lunar  © Harrison Cooney

Storm and Lunar © Harrison Cooney

The Wildlife Defenders is an ongoing project honoring individuals and organizations centered around a common goal: increasing the public's awareness of the practice of poaching. The eventual goal is to eliminate poaching outright–by educating the public through images, articles and social media outlets.

Photographer Harrison Cooney will present selections from several bodies of work–The Rhino War, The Next Generation and A Vanishing World–that convey the dire situation of endangered species in South Africa, and document the tireless efforts of those individuals who risk their lives daily to protect and save these vanishing species.

In 2008, Harrison Cooney embarked on a yearlong trip around the world, which spanned 22 countries and six continents. Traveling sparked a curiosity and commitment to make a deeper connection with the planet. Needing to find a creative outlet to tell his stories, it became clear that portrait, lifestyle and travel photography was the answer. Harrison strives to create rich and vibrant photographs that evoke a cinematic feeling. The images he creates can tell a story without words, which requires talent, skill and an intimate connection with his subject matter.


Harrison is passionate about wildlife, the environment and helping to save the planet for future generations to come. To learn more about The Wildlife Defenders project or to find ways you can get involved, click on The Wildlife Defenders link.

about the photographer


Harrison Cooney is a portrait, lifestyle and travel photographer based in Central Florida. Harrison has had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the most accomplished photographers in the industry. He has assisted on projects for companies including Adidas, New York Times Magazine, Reebok, People Magazine, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, Darden, and Proctor & Gamble among others. Harrison has personally shot for Disney Destinations, Yellow Shoes Creative Group, Orlando Signature Magazine and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.



Boneyard Beach © Joe Campanellie

Join Joe and Mary Jean Campanellie for an informative and practical discussion of photographic techniques that you can use to take your photography to the next level. They will present their award-winning images and discuss some of the technical and creative challenges inherent to nature photography. Whether a seasoned professional or just a beginner, there will be something for everyone in this presentation that you can apply to your day to day photography projects.

Joe and Mary Campanellie ran a high-end portrait studio in Maryland for over 30 years, specializing in families, children and high school seniors. Their move to this area gave Joe the opportunity to concentrate on his new passion–avian and nature photography. In addition to photographing the migratory birds of Florida, he has traveled to Alaska to capture spectacular views of bald eagles and to the Great Smoky Mountains to record other unique species of birds that nest in higher elevations. Joe's avian images have graced the pages of the Professional Photographers of America's Loan Collection for the past several years and have garnered some of the most sought after awards in the industry.


about the photographers

Photo of Joe Campanellie holding an award, standing in front of one of his photographs

Photo of Joe Campanellie holding an award, standing in front of one of his photographs


joe campanellie

He is a Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, and Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) He has the distinction of being 1 of only 87 living individuals worldwide to hold the prestigious Fellowship Degree from the American Society of Photographers (ASP). Many of his images are in private collections throughout the United States. Joe maintains an active speaking and judging schedule, addressing professional photography organizations, schools and seminars.



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Portrait of Mary Jean Campanellie standing in front of one of her photographs.

Portrait of Mary Jean Campanellie standing in front of one of her photographs.


mary jean campanellie

She is both an accomplished fashion designer and photographic artist and photographer. As a member of the Professional Photographer's of America (PPA) she is part of a very select group of Certified Photographic Artists who have earned the coveted Master Artist Degree, Master Photographer Degree as well as the Photographic Craftsman Degree.  She is an active speaker, teacher and judge for local photography groups, PPA affiliate groups as well as the Flagler Beach & Saint Augustine Camera Clubs.  Her programs include topics on basic as well as advanced Photoshop techniques for photographic enhancement and retouching of digital files.