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contemporary currents: the warhol effect

May 21 - JUne 29, 2019

This exhibition of contemporary photographers seeks to provide a sense of how photography and image making continue to progress in the post-Warhol era. Though there is not a direct correlation between the work of these artists and that of Andy Warhol, it can be assumed that many of these investigations, techniques, subject matter, and especially the reception of this work would not be as well received and lauded had Warhol not been as experimental or pioneering in his own efforts.


A dedicated exhibition space located on the second floor of the museum featuring rotating solo and group exhibitions by talented young photographers in the community. 



Photographs by Meghan D’Arcy

FEBRUARY 5 - JULY 20, 2019

The seventh installment of our Youth in Focus series features the work of Meghan D’Arcy, a 17 year-old student who attends Spruce Creek High School. She came to the museum’s attention through her continued involvement with our educational programs over the past several years and has quickly established herself as a talented portrait and lifestyle photographer.

A strategic balance of color, contrasting tones and strong compositions are a hallmark of Meghan’s style, along with a profound understanding of her subject matter. Her artistic intentions and stylistic choices are reflected in the scenes she so carefully orchestrates and presents to the viewer. Her subjects don’t simply blend into the background, they subtly alter them, challenging the lines and planes of the surrounding architecture with their own physicality.


Missile Fuel.jpg

abandoned in place

Abandoned In Place is a photographic exploration of the American space-launch and research facilities that played a crucial role in the early period of space exploration. The project serves not only as a documentary body of work, but also as an artistic interpretation of these historic sites.

Going South_Kirk Crippens6.jpg

this is climate change

This Is Climate Change is a fine-art photography show featuring breathtaking landscape photographs of the Pacific Coast Highway, fresh water springs of Central and Northern Florida, and the rugged natural landscapes of the expansive Texas plains. Kirk Crippens, Sharon Harper, and Benjamin Dimmit each present a portfolio of photographs that capture these locales of the American landscape. This exhibition explores climate change not as a primary element of the composition, but as a now inescapable feature of landscape photography.

Passing Time 2017.jpg

urban constructs

DSC and UCF alum Clarissa Bonet returns to the Southeast Museum of Photography for a solo exhibition of her work. SMP will mount selections from two of her current portfolios, City Space, and Stray Light,bringing Bonet’s perspective on Urban Environments back to the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.  


 Exhibition proposals are accepted on a continual basis. The exhibition schedule is determined by the SMP Exhibitions Committee. All complete proposals will be reviewed and responded to. You can access the proposal form here