Departures 2019

Departures: the juried exhibition of graduating DSC students from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

For Submissions, download and fill out this application form. Attach up to 9 work prints to the form. Drop the form off at the Southeast Museum of Photography before March 22 at 5:00 PM. Once the work has been juried you will be notified about the next step. Video work must be submitted on a thumb drive or DVD, no links please.

Relevant Dates:

  • Submission form and work prints due by: March 22 at 5:00 PM

  • notification of accepted work: april 2

  • final exhibit prints delivered to the musuem no later than april 15

  • Exhibition opens on may 2 at 5:00 PM

Image by Sydney Townsend

Image by Sydney Townsend



Jason Burrell

  • Assistant Director in the School of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Central Florida

  • Coordinator, Studio Art & the Computer

  • Associate Lecturer.

Image by Marie Rasmussen

Image by Marie Rasmussen

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

Any student who has fulfilled all department requirements for Spring graduation is eligible to submit to departures. Any student who graduated from the program at the end of the Fall semester is eligible to submit to departures.

What is a Juried Show?

A juried exhibit is one where someone looks at a group of submissions and decides which will make it into the exhibit and which ones will not. The criteria for what makes it in is up to the juror. The juror may also decide what size and format the submissions must be in for the final exhibition.

What work can I submit for consideration?

Any photo or video you have made while in the program. This can be a class assignment, a personal project, or a commercial gig. Also, any type of photograph, video, or image. This would include any category of photo including alternative processes and conceptual work. The submissions can be work prints or critique prints—the submissions do not have to be exhibition quality.

Can I submit a series of images?

Yes. Up to nine images total. There is a space on the form to add comments, indicate in that space if the submissions are a series, a diptych, triptych or anything other than individual submissions.

What if my work was not part of a class assignment or project?

That does not matter. You may submit any work you created while enrolled in the program.

Where do I drop off my work?

Print out the form, attach it to your images or dvd/thumb drive and drop it off at the front desk at the Southeast Museum of Photography. The museum staff will check the materials to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. The deadline is March 22, 5:00 PM. No work will be accepted after 5:00 PM on the 22nd. No exceptions.

Is that a hard deadline?

No work will be accepted after 5:00 PM on the 22nd. No exceptions.

Is there a fee?


My work was chosen for the exhibit. What now?

Congratulations. Museum staff will reach out to you through the contact information you provided to detail the next steps. Be prepared to print images to a certain size determined by the juror and be prepared to send digital versions of the accepted work for marketing materials.

I still have questions, who can I ask?

You can direct any other questions you may have to any member of museum staff. Call (386) 506-4569, or email: